Online Application Form

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Ensure that this application form is sent with the appropriate supporting documents as indicated in the requirements for the grade being applied for. It is advisable to zip all the documents into on zipped folder so that all docs are submitted at once. Supported Files (zip, pdf, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, png, gif) upto 10 files can be uploaded at once.

You may also download your application form below, if you prefer to write and upload later in your own convinience. click the button below to download the application form.


  • A completed Registration/enrollment contract form.
  • Two recent ID photos of the child (Head & Shoulders)
  • A copy of your child’s ID book or Birth Certificate.
  • A copy of the parent’s/ guardian’s ID document.
  • Most recent previous Report Card or results.
  • A transfer letter/Card where this is applicable
  • Proof of your residential address
  • A signed declaration that you have read understood and agreed to code of conduct as indicated in the learner handbook.