Lerato  Kimberly Shongwe Grade 9

She designed a poem blog site. The site includes poems of different kinds from happiness to disappointment. 

Here is the link: https://lskpoems.mobirisesite.com

Duncan Munela Grade 7

He designed a website that provides interested parties in gaming with useful information about games. The site gives users games news, games’ history, gadgets used to play games, and much more

Here is the link: https://tempgaming.mobirisesite.com

Blessing Mushayandebvu, Grade 5

He designed a website that advertises his company’s works like digital marketing, graphic design, and Internet cafe among others. Take a look on this one:

Here is the link: Intecafe – Your digital solution (wordpress.com)

Makanaka Mukuruva, Grade 10

She designed an online learning school website. Her target market are primary school learners

Here is the link: Primaxool – Providing the best education to everyone in the world. (wordpress.com)

Legitimate Moyo Grade 6

Legitimate is a fashionist. She likes fashion. The website is a clothing retail shop. Hit the link below and see her efforts

Here is the link: Fashion home express! (wordpress.com)